About us

Grand & Johnson

Grand & Johnson is an interior design studio based in Amsterdam. We create all our projects according to a proven method. It never lets us down.

Our first focus is the bigger picture. We determine outlines such as walls, large objects, stairs and develop a broad lighting plan. We omit all that is unnecessary, it should be perfect from the start.
Then we refine the floorplan. We add furniture and other detached items and further refine the lighting.
Third, we select shape and size and finally, we decide the colors and materials.

Our working principle is crystal clear: We constantly look for balance in outlines, shapes, light, colors and material. This proven concept results in an unpretentious and contemporary interior design and delighted customers.

Our product design
We specifically create products that contribute to the interior plan. By observing the use of the object, we sculpt the look and have it manufactured.

According to your needs, we offer full project management and construction supervision.

 When all the unnecessary is omitted, perfection arises.

Grand & Johnson showroom