We are always striving to improve and renew our designs by looking at materials, craftsmanship and design. This also holds true for our interior design projects as well as our product design collection.

This is why we are proud of our collaboration with bathroom specialist JEE-O for which we designed the now famous SOHO series consisting of baths, sinks and showers. As well, our long-standing collaboration with producer Carpetlinq for floors and wall hangings has resulted in various designs, including a leather hanging with special details.

We are the proudest of own interior label Made for Parker.
It represents a timeless and trendless collection of high quality furniture and home accessories with high quality finishing, short delivery times and affordable prices.
We expect to launch the collection at the start of 2019. Until then, almost all prototypes can be found and admired in our showroom. Be sure to come and have a look.

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